Artist Review

"Bradley M. Look has created these templates for the makeup artist professional in mind. It is such a relief to use patterns and forms designed for our specific art rather than trying to force fine art and automotive templates to do the specialized work we need. The Zazzo® Makeup FX™ are well thought-out, sharp and very easy to clean and store in your makeup kit. Bravo for innovation in our field!!!"

—Todd A. McIntosh


About Us

“Zazzo will inspire makeup artists with innovative airbrush stencils and a line of DVDs. While technical aspects of makeup application can be learned from a book or a class, Zazzo products expose makeup artists to techniques that can become a springboard to creativity. rue makeup artistry inspires the individual to go beyond the norm to create the extraordinary!”
—Bradley M. Look

Bradley M. LookBRADLEY M. LOOK, the Emmy-winning makeup artist for Star Trek: Voyager’s “Threshold,” has eight other Emmy nominations to his credit. He was also nominated for the Hollywood Makeup Guild Awards.

Born in Peoria, Illinois, Brad now lives in Southern California, where he works in the entertainment industry. Besides being a Journeyman with the Makeup Artist and Hairstylists Union, Local 706, Brad has taught classes for UCLA and other national universities, as well as internationally on film and television makeup.He holds a Master’s Degree in Makeup from the College Conservatory of Music.

Brad has been listed in the Who’s Who in Entertainment, and has worked on productions such as Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas, A Woman Named Jackie, Deep Space Nine, Congo, Voyager, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, Star Trek: Undiscovered Country and Enterprise, and many other Hollywood productions. Brad has written numerous articles on makeup, including co-writing the book, Star Trek: Aliens & Artifacts.