Artist Review

“Bradley M. Look has created these templates for the makeup artist professional in mind. It is such a relief to use patterns and forms designed for our specific art rather than trying to force fine art and automotive templates to do the specialized work we need. The Zazzo® Makeup FX™ are well thought-out, sharp and very easy to clean and store in your makeup kit. Bravo for innovation in our field!!!"

—Todd A. McIntosh



Beauty Ensemble Logo

The Zazzo Beauty Ensemble Stencil Set consists of a stencil collection on four sheets of Mylar, which can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the subtle shading contours of a model’s face and neck. You’ll find eight different Eyebrow Patterns, Beauty Spots, Circles and a Mask configuration. Also included is a 20-minute instructional DVD focusing on some of the application techniques. Click here to see the set.

Character Troupe

The Zazzo Character Troupe Stencil Set includes six separate stencils, which are used to bring out the alien and/or reptile in anyone!  You will be able to create various skin tones, and otherworldly looks. 

As Michael G. Westmore says, “On Star Trek we couldn’t have achieved the fantastic alien patterns and continuity without the use of stencil art. I only wish that we had these stencils then!” The Zazzo Character Troupe also contains a 20-minute instructional DVD. Click here to see the set.

Makeup FX

The Zazzo Makeup FX DVD for Film and Television Makeup (70 minutes). With an emphasis on Airbrush Techniques for High-Definition, Bradley M. Look shares with you his Emmy Award-winning techniques and applications to create masterful makeup and special effects. Brad takes you behind the scenes of Hollywood makeup artistry to demonstrate not only beauty application using the airbrush, but also how to create alien characters. Click here to learn more.